Get to know us!

From the President of Umbrella Home & Auto LLC, doing business as Umbrella Roofing and Contracting, Aaron Jackson:

As a prior licensed insurance adjuster and a licensed general contractor, We have discovered a way to assist home and auto owners with insurance claims. Umbrella has provided policy holders with more options with their insurance claim vs. being locked into a contract with a roofing company or a body shop. The Policyholder should do all the negotiating with the insurance company before hiring a repair company. We know exact dollar amounts for home and auto claims down to the dollar. We use exact same pricing your insurance carrier does.

Umbrella actually includes all building codes upgrades, overhead & profit, and tons of other line items the insurance company tries to leave out on your estimate ( almost every claim is shorted). We believe the policyholder always benefits from start to finish by hiring a company like ours. The claimant (You) can have us negotiate a fair price with their insurance company before getting repair bids. We also can work with your contractor if you already have one.

We take pride in helping homeowners with all sorts of services, from providing accurate bids for damage to their roofing, siding, windows, gutters, and more. We are the only company offering administrative services from start to finish for your claim without having to use us for repairs. But don’t worry.

We do offer repair services as well. Our contractors are pre-selected and have been on our repair program for ten years. So if you need help with repairs to your home, we have you covered. Whatever you decide is your choice, and we will only assure you have a pleasant experience working with us.